Tim Flesner

Redefinition. Wow, that’s a tough one.  It is also something that Tim intimately understands.

For over 20 years, Tim focused on training, facilitation and curriculum development in the logistics industry. He was responsible for compliance and safety, leadership and team development and the oversight of companywide training and professional growth programs in conjunction with planning, policies and procedure management and continuous improvement initiatives. His career was advancing but his passion was dwindling.

And then it happened.

Adverse situations caused Tim to step back and take a look at himself and his career path. Careful study and focused training in the John Maxwell method has led him to become a certified John Maxwell Trainer, Speaker and Coach. He can help you because he has been on the journey.


Change Begins in the Mind

Tim understands that all change begins in the mind. That change is possible and exciting and he shows you how to do it!  He knows and teaches that YOU have unlimited potential and helps you create a path to that potential.

What’s does he like best about his job?  Tim daily helps individuals (and businesses too) reach their full potential. What an exciting path!

“I felt like a fraud even though I did good work.  Through Tim’s careful unpacking of my strengths and weaknesses, I can finally move forward in my plans and in life.”

Suzan David, The Web & Story Medic